Friday, July 29, 2011

Looking Back at Grade 10 Careers

Out of all my grade ten classes, careers class was my least favourite. I learned practically nothing from the class, and it had extremely meaningless assignments with incredibly stupid marking schemes. I was so irritated by the assignments that I made the post I Hate Career Studies!

 So what exactly was irritating about the assignments? Well, for each assignment there were requirements that were not relevant to the assignment at all.  For example, we were asked to include cover pages, graphics and page borders for almost all of the assignments. Even more ridiculous, I would lose about 2% on each assignment because "my border wasn't creative enough!"

I really want to talk about the issue with the page borders, for it was simply unacceptable. For the creativity component of the assignments, we had to "include creative things such as page borders and graphics in our work." And that was exactly what I did. For each assignment, I would draw straight, green lines to outline the page(s), and I would include a picture or two. However, each time I would still get only one out of two marks for the creativity section of the rubric. The reason? My page border wasn't creative enough! This was just plain stupid, because the requirement in the section clearly stated "include page border." It never mentioned that our page borders had to be creative! Also, I included a comparison between my page border and one of the creative page borders, just to show how the creative page borders weren't really aesthetically pleasing...

Is the creative border really better?
Now, setting the assignments aside, there were still many things that were dissatisfying about careers class. For example, we watched a bunch of boring movies that weren't related to the class! Also, the teacher really didn't teach us anything, and most of the time we were just wasting time in class.

Fortunately, not all my memories about careers class are negative, for I liked the final project of the class. The final project was basically to research an occupation that we were interested in, and to write a report about it. True, there were still a lot of stupid requirements. However, I really enjoyed learning more about economists and their work. 

Overall, I am just glad that I finished this stupid course with a good mark.

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