Monday, July 4, 2011

Report Card (final)

I have never been very nervous to get my report card because in the past I could always calculate my marks beforehand by multiplying my course marks (my marks excluding my exams) and exam marks by the appropriate weightings.

However, this semester I didn't go to school on exam-return day, so I didn't know my exams marks, and as a result I couldn't calculate my final mark beforehand. Since I wasn't sure about my marks, I was anxious and nervous to get my report card and to see my marks. I especially wanted to know my history mark because my history teacher never gave out any mark updates and I had not the slightest idea about what my mark was. 

Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. I could still estimate my marks using my assignment, project, and test marks, as well as approximating my exam performances. However, since some of my exam marks were quite variable, it was impossible for me to make an accurate estimate. Also, I actually didn't know my mark for my final project for history, which made it even harder for me to make an estimate

Anyway, as I anxiously took out my report card out of the envelope that I received, I couldn't believe my eyes—my marks were so much better than I had expected! My chemistry mark was at the highest that it could have been, meaning that I had to get a perfect on my exam in order to get that mark; my history mark was unbelievably high, meaning that I either got perfect or close-to-perfect on the final project and exam; what's even stranger was my math mark—it was a mark that I couldn't have gotten even if I have gotten a perfect on my math exam! I am guessing that it's because my math teacher has lowered the denominator for the the exam...

On top of all these excellent marks, my OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test) result was also extremely satisfying. I got 395 out of 400 points! I am not quite sure what this means, but if this were translated to percentage, it'd be a 98.75%! My school median is 345, and I am glad that my score is well above average.

This perfectly closes my grade ten year.