Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blogger Header Image

This is the small version of the animation that I made

Today afternoon when I looked at my blog I suddenly felt that the top was a bit empty, so I decided to make a header image to fill the space.

However, the process wasn't nearly as easy as I have thought. Blogger did not have the options for us to change the image size or position, so I had to make tons of measurements before I could start making my image. Also, the actual image-drawing part was very tedious because I was trying to make an animated image that required lots of copy-and-pasting of the objects.

After about two hours, I finally finished the animation. But unfortunately, the final product was not suitable to be a blog header at all—it was too distracting. The animation contained so many movements that it made me feel dizzy, and I reasoned that it would probably do the same to the visitors. So even though I wasn't quite happy to abandon my work, I had to.

When I get more spare time, I will try to make another header image that is more simple and more suitable for  a blog. Meanwhile, I guess the blog will have to stay the same.