Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Looking Back at Grade 10 Science

The first thing that I could remember from science class was that it was boring. Almost everyday, the teacher would tell us to open our text books and ask for a volunteer to read a particular section of it. I often got so bored that I wanted to sleep. She would also do her power-point lessons, and those were even more soporific because during those lessons the lights would be out.

The second thing that I could remember from the class was that we did quite a lot of presentations. Actually, we only did two, but since usually there would only be one presentation in each class, two were considered to be a lot. And as usual, I did horrible in the presentations. Not just my usual horrible, by extremely horrible because I practised so little that it could well be said that I didn't practice at all. I mumbled through both of them, and I also skipped quite a lot of content because of my nervousness.

Now thinking back, I am actually glad that I have had these two presentations. These failures would always remain in my mind and they would always be served as a reminder of how bad I can perform in an oral presentation if I don't practice. They have actually motivated me to work hard on my subsequent presentations (even though I still did horrible on all of them).

I don't have much to say besides these two things. The course was generally easy, and my teacher was an easy marker. And besides the things that I learned in the optics unit, I would probably use everything that I have learned in this class in the future. Mitosis and the organ systems would be touched up in biology, and of course the basic things that we learned in the chemistry unit, such as balancing chemical equations, would be used in any future chemistry course(s).

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