Monday, July 11, 2011

Major Sections of the Brain

Again, for the purpose of my own studying, I will type brief, point-form notes that are relevant to the topic.
Frontal Lobe
- Allows reason and planning
- Initiates voluntary movements
- Modulates emotions and is involved in the making of personality
- Capable of turning thoughts into words
Parietal Lobe
- Allows sensory perception
- Takes in auditory and visual signals and associates them with memory
- Allows understanding of written and verbal language

Temporal Lobe
- Distinguishes volume and frequency
- Involved in forming and calling memory
- Right: visual memory; left: verbal memory
- Upper portion allows understanding of words
Occipital Lobe
- Decodes visual information
- Analyzes form, colour and movement
- Allows you to recognize and identify objects
NOTE: All images are from Wikipedia

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