Sunday, July 31, 2011

University Open Courses

About two or three years ago, I heard about how many American universities were videotaping their lectures and putting the videos online for people in the whole world to see. At the time, however, I was too young and never bothered to check out these videos.

Recently, my parents mentioned these videos to me. They told me that the website had a huge collection of such videos, and that I should try watching some of them. So I decided to check them out. Specifically, I decided to watch the videos of the game theory and computer methodology courses.

Quite surprisingly, I actually enjoyed watching these videos. The lectures were interesting and understandable, and of course educational. And since I have got plenty of time now, I really should finish watching the videos for theses two courses. Also, I am planning on watching the lectures of other courses in the future as well.

So for anyone who just stumbled across this page by accident, I highly recommend you to check out the university open lectures at It's a extremely great way of self-learning, and you should definitely try it!