Sunday, July 3, 2011

Strange Feeling

After I came back from my vacation, I finally got to use a computer. And since I wasn't able to get onto my favourite websites during my vacation, I had to spend a lot of time revisiting them one-by-one. Also, I couldn't refrain myself from playing my recently-downloaded pinball game.

As a result, I have been using my computer about 13 hours out of the past 22 hours. Sounds unhealthy right? Indeed. Just  two hours ago, when I was playing pinball, I had a strange feeling in my heart. It was a twitchy feeling that was slightly uncomfortable. I disregarded that feeling, but then it came for another three our four times later, and by then I simply couldn't ignore it. I was sure that it must be because that I was using my computer for too long. 

Therefore, to avoid having that feeling again, I must reduce the amount of time that I use my computer. I really don't want to have the feeling again! Well, I know that this isn't completely the computer's fault—I actually had the same feeling yesterday, when I was in the airplane—but I think there is definitely some relationship between using the computer and the having that strange feeling. When I was using the computer, I had the feeling about once every five minutes, which was way too frequent!

Anyway, because I have to reduce my computer time, I will also have to reduce the amount of time that I spend on this blog, which means that this blog will be updated less frequently. I will still try to have one post every day, but probably not a lot more than that.

I hope that this twitchy feeling wouldn't come again, and if unfortunately it comes a lot, then I will inform the adults around me.