Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer School

I signed up for summer school to take the course "Introduction to Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology," and I chose this course partly because it sounded interesting and partly because the school that offered this course was close to where I live. However, just one day before the start of summer school, I got a phone-call telling me that the course has been relocated to another school!

This was just wrong. I calculated that because of the relocation of summer school, I had to spend about 30 minutes more on transportation each day! And, even if they wanted to move the location, couldn't they contact the students earlier? I heard that many (more than 10 in my class) students didn't get the phone-call and as a result went to the wrong school. I was lucky that I was at home at the time of that they phoned me.

Anyway, I'll now move on and describe what happened/ what I observed in the actual summer school class.

I'll start by talking about the teacher. The first impression that I got from her was that she was not very smart. She did not seem very alert and...she just didn't look like a smart person. I don't often get this impression from teachers. In fact, I think this was the first time that I have had this impression, so she must be very extreme...

And I was right (about she not being smart, not about she being extreme). She didn't seem to understand the material completely because sometimes when other students gave her answers that were clearly flawed or illogical, she didn't seem to have noticed the errors in their answers. She didn't correct them, and I couldn't spy any change in her facial expression, so I don't think she was just being polite. Also, she made various spelling errors, such as "hiearchy" and  "intellegent." "Hiearchy" I can still understand, but "intellegent..." (no comment). On top of these things, she used her cell-phone a lot during classes (when the students were assigned work to do). I wasn't sure whether she was texting or playing games, but it didn't matter—she was using her cell-phone. It was actually quite interesting for me to watch, because I have never seen a teacher blatantly using their cell-phone in class.

Fortunately, I don't dislike her. She seemed relatively friendly—she made you feel comfortable to raise your hands and ask questions. Also, she made her classes quite structured, as she always knew what she was going to do next. Now I hope that she is an easy marker...

To be honest I don't have much to say about summer school except the teacher. I haven't really talked with any of my classmates, and the things that I have learned so far aren't really that special or interesting. So I guess I'll end this post here.