Sunday, July 17, 2011

100 posts and 1000 views

Reaching 100 posts is like a milestone to me

I looked at my Blogger stats a few moments ago, and realized that I had just over 100 posts and 1000 views!

Yes, I know that the view count is not impressive at all when the popular websites get tens and thousands of views everyday. And the post count isn't very large considering the contents of the posts and the amount of time (five and a half months) that it has taken me to reach this number. However, no matter how insignificant these figures may seem to others, I feel proud of them.

The last time I had a blog, I only stuck to it for a month and had about 10 posts and 120 views. This time, however, I have been able to remain dedicated to my blog even after five and a half months, and as a result achieving 100 posts and 1000 views! This is not to suggest that maintaining a blog is awful and that sticking to it for a long time is painful. This is also not to show the fact that the view-per-post ratio of this blog is lower than that of my previous blog. Instead, it is to show that I have become less spontaneous and much more dedicated. Sorry, couldn't find better words to describe...

I am hoping that I can put more effort and time into this blog— well, at least during August, during which I am completely free—and I hope that I'll be able to improve its quality by doing so. Thank you to anyone who has taken a look at my blog, as every visit to this blog is a great encourage for me.