Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Hate Career Studies!

Career classes should be abolished in schools. Not only do students do nothing in career classes, the assignments are also meaningless. They are a waste of time and energy.

So what made me decide to make a post just to complain about career classes? Well, it was because of the criteria for the assignments that I received. There was one assignment where you needed to write a one-page report about your personal achievements and how they were meaningful to your life. As if the assignment wasn't stupid enough, there were four marks out of thirty-five allocated to creativity. Let's look at what exactly these four marks are for:
/2  A unique thought, a famous quotation, an idea, a drawing, a cartoon, etc.
/2 Cover page, page borders, graphics, etc. 

To me this was just unbelievable. Are these things really necessary for a written report? Urrgh.

(Yes, even drawing this image was more meaningful than doing the assignments in career class)