Thursday, July 14, 2011

No System Sounds After Using Skype

Oh gosh, what is wrong with Skype!?

Every time after I run the program and call someone else, my system sounds would all be out. I wouldn't able to watch Youtube videos, or hear the sound effects of the games that I play (which are actually important in my pinball game)!

In order to re-hear the system sounds, I would have to restart the computer, which actually takes a very long time. Even if the computer takes a short time to restart, I still think that this is a ridiculous problem for such a popular and mainstream program like Skype. I am also very disappointed in Skype, as I have had this problem for years (I didn't use Skype very often back then, so wasn't bothered so much by the problem) and they still haven't fixed it during the program updates!