Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Looking Back at Grade 10 English

Like last year, my English mark was my worst mark. However, unlike last year, I was very satisfied with my performance in English class and I had almost no regrets because I felt that I have (almost) tried my best. Also, even though the actual number of my mark was not very impressive, the mark was very good if compared to the rest of the class. Oh, why do I make it sounds as if the only thing I care is my marks? No, absolutely not, at least not for English.

One of the most important things that I have done in English class, or in the whole school year, was writing my reading journals. At the time that I was writing these journals, I couldn't think of anything to write for weeks, so as a result I really had to look into the tiniest things in my life and in the book (that I chose to do the reading journal with). However, now that I think about it, these things weren't tiny at all. They were all very important, just that they were the things that I had ignored in the past. Anyway, writing these reading journals had enabled me to really think through all the things in my life, and this has allowed me to understand myself and what I believe in.
Fahrenheit 251 by Ray Bradbury, the book that I read for my reading journals. Funny how this book was also about thinking...

It'd be unfair not to give credit to all the other meaningful assignments that I had received in English class. Each of these assignments required me to write an opinion paragraph on a topic that I have never really taken consideration of.  In order to write a well-justified paragraph on each topic, I had to really think through the topics, and as a result I would know my true opinion on the them. For example, for one of the assignments I had to write a paragraph on whether I think clothes are important to my identity. When hearing the question, I immediately thought "no." However, after thinking through the question, I realized that my answer would actually be a "yes."

Also, these English writing assignments/projects has inspired me to start writing this blog. Writing this blog may not be a big achievement, but it does allow me express my (unhappy) feelings and it is definitely a better pass-time than playing online games. Also, it can help me preseve information or thoughts that I will probably forget in years.

One more thing: I should talk about the speech that I did in the class. Even though I got a horrible mark on it—a 72%—I really had fun with it. I did my speech on game theory, a topic that really interested me, and I do not regret choosing it as my topic as I had learned a great deal about the topic because of this speech. Still, the mark should be low enough for me to realize that I must do better next year.

Oh, one last thing—I promise—one other special thing about my English class was that I met some really interesting people in it! Since we sat in little groups, we all talked a lot within our groups and as a result I have gotten the opportunity to know my classmates better and I realized that some of them are actually very funny and/or nice. I've even made friends with some of them!