Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer School Final Exam: Done!

Update (Thurs): I got a 96% on the exam, which is acceptable. However, I thought that three of the marks were taken off quite unfairly...

Today afternoon I wrote my summer school exam, which marked the end of summer school! I mean, I still have to go to summer school until Friday, but there is nothing about summer school that I can worry about, except the marks that I will get in the course. This basically means that starting today (or tomorrow, since it's pretty late already), I will finally have my first taste of summer!

But for this post, I want to focus on the exam. Overall, the exam was not difficult. However, many questions were phrased very vaguely and were often ambiguous. As a result, I might have lost some marks in the multiple choice section. Also, for the long answer question, I feel that I should have chosen the other side of the debate simply because it had more strong arguments. So I probably lost some marks in the long-answer question as well (for me weak arguments). Combining all the possible mistakes, I think it's more likely that my mark will stay the same or drop by 1-2% after the exam. It's very scary because one single mistake could mean a decrease in the final mark! Nevertheless, I am still getting my finger crossed that my mark will actually increase by one percent. The chance is slim, but I don't think that it is a flat zero.

I'll get my exam bark tomorrow, and I hope I did well! I'll update the blog again once I get back from school.