Friday, April 29, 2011

Boiling Grapes in Water— A Fine Recipe

A few days ago I found that the grapes in the fridge were almost rotten, and they did not taste very well. Since throwing these grapes out would be too wasteful, I decided to try something new with them— to boil them in water.

I put all of the grapes into a cooking pot, and added enough water so that the surface of the water would cover all the grapes. Then, I heated the pot until the water started to boil. At that point, I started using my spoon to squash all the grapes, and then I continued to heat the pot until the grapes could not decompose any further (or about 1 hour after). At the end the mixture looked like this:

The solid things that you see are the peels/skins

And another picture...

The thick mixture tasted very sweet (in a good way), and the grape peels had very good texture.The things you saw in the pictures were ready to serve! Of course you could cool it or even freeze it (I actually think it tastes best when frozen), or add a bit water to make it less concentrated.

Does it look better in a cup?

Overall, I think this went rather successful—the product was wonderful! Next time if your grapes are almost rotten, you may want to consider doing this too. :)


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