Monday, April 25, 2011


How come things that we enjoy are usually depleted so fast? From oil and natural gas to candies and cookies,  these things can all be used up or consumed very quickly if we do not think ahead when consuming them.

This goes the same for cartoons. There are a certain amount of episodes usually in the hundreds  and if we watch too many episodes a day, we will soon finish watching all of them. Therefore, to make sure that the supply of episodes will last for a long time, it is important that we set a quota for the number of episodes that can be watched per day (Note: this is referring to watching the episodes online).

In this post I am talking specifically about Chibi Maruko-Chan, a Japanese cartoon with 12-minute long episodes. I am not sure about how many episodes there are exactly, but at the rate that I am watching (4-7 episodes per day), it will soon run out of episodes. Therefore I have decided to regulate myself and watch at most two episodes per day, and this should allow the supply to last a lot longer.

The idea of preserving goods has always been present, but I have never really thought much about it until today. Funny that it was a cartoon that made me think about this topic.

This is the class of Chibi Maruko-Chan


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