Monday, April 25, 2011


Now in a generation where things are increasingly done by electronic devices, there are fewer chances for people to write snail mail. In fact, I recall that the last time I have ever written one was when I was in grade four, which was five years ago.

This week, however, I got another chance to send a snail mail, which was for an application for a math camp. Anyway, I learned an extraordinary thing— stamps are actually made into stickers now!

When I was in grade three, I heard an story about how a person invented a kind of glue/gum that would become adhesive when moistened. And from what I saw in movies and books, I always imagined that one would always have to put some saliva onto the stamp to make it sticky. It really came as a shock that stamps today are made as stickers!

Perhaps this is a sign of how fast the world is changing. This will probably be the first of many incidents where things don't work the way I would imagine them to. Ah!