Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog Archives

EDIT (April 25th): Ah now I feel so stupid! You can actually click on the triangles to expand or minimize the "folders!"

So far I am quite content with Blogger. It has quite simple interfaces, and it will not add ads onto your blog pages unless you want to earn money with them. It also has quite a nice layout.

However, I really dislike the blog archives. It is designed so poorly! When you click on a time period, it automatically redirects you to the archives page of that time period, and gives you a list of all the posts that were published during that time. However, it is impossible for the reader to view all the titles of the blog posts at once! What if the reader doesn't care about the time that the posts were created, and only wants to find a post title that seems interesting? Shouldn't there be a page that lists the titles of all the blog posts so that readers can scan through all the titles more quickly?

Done ranting...