Monday, April 25, 2011

The "Next Blog" Button

It's always interesting to click on the "next blog" button to view all sorts of different blogs and perhaps find one that you really like. However, today I had a very strange experience with this button.

For about 20 blogs, all the blogs were in Spanish! As I do not understand Spanish, I had to keep clicking the button to find one written in a language that I understood. However, the Spanish blogs just couldn't stop appearing, and finally I had to give up...

I wonder why this happened. Does the "next blog" button simply leads you to the blog that has the most recent post? Although this may sound like a plausible explanation at first, I highly doubt it. Even if that happened to be a time where Spanish people were more active on the Internet, there had to be at least one post that was in another language!

Right now I can't think of any other explanation, but hopefully this mystery will be solved when I click the button more!