Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Changing My Mind

When I was younger, I usually slept at ten o'clock, and if not, I would sleep at eleven thirty the latest.

As I grew older, this habit changed. If I slept at ten o'clock I would not be able to fall asleep right away, so I decided to sleep at 10:30 the earliest.

This trend continued and now I sleep at eleven the earliest and one the latest, assuming that there's no projects due tomorrow. However, my perception of time from early childhood still remains-- I still think that ten o'clock is the supposed bed time.

So why is this bad? This is bad because if I imagine ten o'clock as the supposed bed time, I would usually not do anything productive after ten o'clock. The logic is simple-- why do any work when you are tired and are supposed to be going to sleep?

If I do not change my way of thinking, I will continue to waste one to three hours per day when I could be doing more productive things such as reading books or doing future assignments. If I actually do manage to spend this time wisely, my procrastination may come to an end!

(Note: sorry to have such a messy post again.)