Monday, April 25, 2011


I am struggling to concentrate on doing my career assignments. They are just so boring, annoying, and idiotic that I can't help but to start doing other things! So far I have completed two, but I still need to complete one more. Urgh.

Anyway, I have been thinking about ways to minimize distraction and maximize concentration, and I have compiled this list:

  • No Internet: If the task does not require the Internet, turn it off. There are too many interesting things on the Internet that will simply let your mind drift away
  • Working in the library: In a library where almost everyone is concentrating on their work, you wouldn't want to embarrass yourself by doing nothing! The library makes you feel guilty if you are not doing anything productive.
  • Good mental condition/state: This is obvious. If you are very tired and sleepy, how can you concentrate on something? Solution: nap/tea/coffee 
  • Imagining due dates: Somehow I always get tasks done very quickly if it's due the very next day. Using this psychology,  we may concentrate better if we imagine that the task has to be finished by the end of the day. Sort of hard, but very effective if you succeed in doing so. 
  • Shaking your head: This may sound sort of stupid, but when I shake my head I also tend to shake off distracting thoughts in my head.
This post was sort of created for myself— I really need to concentrate more.