Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blogger Header: Changed

Random Stuff

A month ago I attempted to change the header of this blog to an animated fish image (read the post that I made at the time). However, that ended up as a failure, so my header remained unchanged.

Today, I made another attempt to create a Blogger header image. This time, I was a lot less ambitious. I only added the description "anything that comes to mind..."and tried to use gradients, lines, and sparks to make the header look less plain.

Unfortunately, the lines, gradients, and sparks didn't end up looking very nice, so I had to gave up on all of them. However, I didn't want my final result to be literally unchanged from my original header, so I added a spider to the image. I think the spider does enhance the header a little bit.

In total, I spent about one hour working on this new (simple) header, with most of the time being used on tweaking the image so that it fit better on the page. For example, I had to readjust the size and position of the image very often. Shame, shame, Blogger. Why do you have to make it so difficult for users to change the header images?

Anyway, I hope you'll all like this header better than the original one. :)