Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Hate Computers...

Arr!! Why do computers have to be riddled with errors, glitches and bad designs!? After I started using the new computer, I began to pay close attention to its various details, trying to fix any problem that I spotted and change any settings that seemed inconvenient or illogical. And I found that I probably spent at least one and a half hour a day finding solutions for these problems!

Five days ago, I spent hours trying get Microsoft Word to work. On the same day, the icons for certain files stopped displaying correctly, and it took me one to two hours to fix that problem. On the next day, I spent one or two hours just to change the colour of the taskbar. Yesterday, I had to to spend one hour before bed to fix a directory problem. And today, I spent nearly three hours to get the video thumbnails to display correctly, and one hour to find a way to edit the properties of certain glitched files!

Really, why couldn't the developers make the interface a bit more user-friendly, and make more effort to ensure that the system worked without glitches? It is just unacceptable that so many problems arose in just a few days! Even worse, all these problems were difficult to fix, and they all had some obscure solution!

I am exhausted by all the Internet-searching, program-downloading, registry-editing, and rebooting needed to fix the problems. Arrrrrgggg!!