Sunday, August 14, 2011

Death on Nile by Agatha Christie

To be honest I found the first half of the book to be quite boring. There was no single murder during this part of the book, and yet I already knew who was going to die (for it was revealed on the front flap). As a result, there wasn't really any excitement for me.

However, once the first murder occurred, everything changed. It was a very mysterious and complex case, and every few pages a new discovery was made. Also, there were two subsequent deaths after the first murder, which made this novel very eventful.

My favourite part was, obviously, the last pages of the book. During these pages, Poirot discussed about the suspects one by one, and one by one the suspects were cleared of the murders. This was very thrilling because I never knew when Poirot would finally said "you are the murderer!"

Also, I must mention that the trick in this book was very ingenious. I actually half-guessed the trick after I read about three quarters of the book, but it was nevertheless smart (and I like considering myself smart...). It was simple, yet clever.

Overall, I liked this book. Even though the first half of it was a bit dull, all the excitement in the second half definitely made up for it.