Friday, August 12, 2011

Dream: A Strange Adventure

Unfortunately this dream had so many components that I couldn't remember all of them.

Okay, I guess I will start with the most vivid part:

I was in some kind of camp, with my mom being the coordinator. There were a lot of adolescents, and most of them were either my age or close to 20 years old. Also, the camp was either in a mountain or in another isolated place. Oh, and I forgot to mention that even though there were a lot of people in the camp, we were made into "groups," with six or seven people in each group. Everyone was together during daytime, but the groups were separated at night.

There were two vicious people in my group. For two days in a row, they had already killed two other people in my group, for some reason that I forgot. Then, for the same reason, they threatened to kill me and my mother the next morning (it was at night when they threatened me).

After they went into their tents and fell asleep, I quickly went into my mom's tent and told her that we must escape. I think she was reluctant to do so because she was the only adult who could take care of the people in the camp. Fortunately, after some time, I finally persuaded her to drive both of us away.

After we arrived home, I was still very worried about the two murderers, and did a lot of things to ensure that they would never find me. For instance,  I went onto the Internet and made sure that they wouldn't be able to find my picture or address on it.

The next day, I went to (summer) school. Apparently there was a huge project due on the day (which I didn't finish), but fortunately my teacher wasn't there. And since there was only the supply teacher, the students, including me, talked a lot (even during class time).  There was this new girl whom I have never seen, but after talking to her, she seemed quite nice.

Then, after some events, the girl announced that she was actually a ghost! She said that she was also in the camp that I went to, and died because my mother wasn't there and a terrible thing happened. Most other people in the camp died too.

The next thing I knew, I was with my parents, my sister, and my cousin's family. We were in the place where my camp was! Also, one of the murderers was there, but he didn't seem evil or aggressive.

We began to live there. Somehow a house emerged and we didn't really need to worry about not having enough food. But I think there was something that we were worried about. Oh, I think the parents were worried about the children's education. Since the place was isolated, there wasn't any school nearby, and it was hard for us to receive education. I am not sure what the parents' solution was...

 Anyway, for the rest of the dream I think I was basically exploring the house (which was quite normal). Also, I remember how another family moved to the place and opened a coffee shop...