Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dream: Another one About School

Date 2011/08/03
This dream came in two parts.

First Part
I was in summer school, and in the class my teacher was taking up a test. For some reason I had a lot of questions about the test (probably because she took off a lot of marks), so I kept asking her questions. I think I especially questioned her wordings.

Eventually she grew impatient, and finally she said to me, "you are smart, but also annoying."

What happened next, I don't remember. I remember having some conversation with Michael, who apparently was a Martian. I asked him about the characteristics of his planets, as well as his real age. I remember how he said that on Mars, there was a different way of calculating one's age.

Second Part
This was actually related to the first part, but I was sure that it didn't come right after the first part.

Anyway, English class was about to start, and I was complaining to Jordan about the incident that just happened earlier (in summer school). I remember saying how it was the teacher's fault that she worded the questions so strangely, forcing me to ask a lot of questions.

Then, we came into the classroom. I remember the class from one of my recent dreams, for I immediately recognized the teacher, who was a slightly fat old man. Anyway, the teacher told us that we were going to have a test, a test on part of the novel that we were supposed to read.

This was shocking, for I haven't even read a page of the novel! I could actually remember how in the previous dream he told us to read about fifty pages of it, but obviously I didn't read it. Even more scary, he forbade us from the usual last-minute studying, and did not allow anyone to open their book in class.

Extremely worried, I asked the girl beside me to summarize the book for me. She was actually one of my classmates from grade five. Anyway, she did, but obviously she couldn't tell me about all the details and I couldn't even remember the events.

Then the teacher handed us the test.

My thoughts on the dream
The first part of my dream seems to reflect the truth, for when I was in summer school, I did ask the teacher a lot of questions. And even though the teacher didn't show it, I would imagine her to be quite annoyed by me.

I found the second part far more interesting, for it was actually continued from one of the dreams that I had before! Now that I think of it, Jordan was also in the English class of the previous dream! Also, I should note that I have had a similar dream before, in which I forgot to do a project.