Saturday, August 6, 2011

Database: Fail

For quite some time I have longed for a database program that would be able to store all the vocabularies that I have studied. Each vocabulary would have attributes such as "definition", "synonyms", "date added" and "source," and this way I would be able to sort them very easily.

So today I finally decided to actually obtain one. However, the process was not nearly as easy as I have imagined.

At first, I tried to use the Java Database program. But who knew that it was going to take thirty minutes to download and three hours to install? Even worse, I couldn't find a way to open the program, even after I searched the Internet for more information! So I had to give up.

Next, I tried to code a simple database myself. But I realized the impossibility of it after one hour of coding. The programming language that I used was simply not powerful enough for a good database.

At last, I tried to find other databases on the Internet to download, but it didn't go well either. I could not find any free and non-online database that was easy to understand and use!

So at the end, I wasted a whole day accomplishing nothing.