Monday, August 8, 2011

Sophie's Choice by William Styron

I must confess that I did not finish reading this book—I only read 114 pages out of the total of 562 pages.

However, unlike usual, the reason why I did not finish reading this book was not that this book was bad. Instead, it was because this book was so intriguing that I could not wait to know all things that would happen in it. I wanted to know why Nathan had such huge mood swings, what "Sophie's choice" was, and what would happen to the three main characters.

So I went onto the Internet and read the spoiler. I didn't just look up the plot summary—I actually looked up the chapter summaries, which were very detailed. And by reading the chapter summaries, I knew all there was to know about the plot of this novel.

I must say, even reading the chapter summaries was exciting, for there were such dramatic revelations and events. However, once I read the chapter summaries, I lost all my interest in the book, and I stopped reading it.