Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have got to stop taking these naps!

Three weeks ago, in the post Drowsiness, I mentioned how almost everyday I took a one-to-two-hour nap at home and how these naps made me felt drowsy afterwards. After making that post, I actually stopped having those naps because I had so much homework that I couldn't afford to take them, and because I started to drink a bit coffee.

Unfortunately, the habit is coming back again. I just slept for two hours! This must not continue because it not only makes me drowsy but also messes up my daily schedule. It basically takes off one to two hours off my day (I sleep at similar times everyday, regardless of whether I have taken a nap earlier in the day or not)!

After much deliberation, I have arrived at the conclusion that to avoid having those lengthy naps in the future, I must have desk naps. In the past, I have always taken my nap in a bed, and I believe that this was the reason why I failed to wake up in a few minutes—the bed was too comfortable. However, if I only take desk naps in the future, then it may be more difficult for me to fall asleep and as a result I may be able to wake up before I have actually fallen asleep!

Starting tomorrow, I will take a desk nap when I feel very tired. I hope that these naps will only take about 5-15 minutes, and that they won't make me feel drowsy.