Sunday, June 12, 2011

Exam Review

Note: This is not me...
I am finally going to start studying for my exams... (yay for me)!

I have my history and chemistry exams next week, and a math exam the week after next week, and these are the topics that I am going to study:

- Immigration at the turn of the 20th century
- Everything from 1900 to the Second World War

- Stoichiometry
- Chemical Compounds and Bonding
- Acids and Bases
- Gases

- I don't really need to study for math

Even though the above list isn't very long, it's still quite a lot a material. And to ensure that I know everything, I am going to study for my exams using the other way of studying. I am sure that if I make blog posts about the things that I study, I will have a better memory of them.

So during the next few days I will be making a lot of posts about the things that I have learned in school, mainly chemistry or history stuff. I hope I will do good on the exams and  I also hope that these posts will not be annoying.