Friday, June 10, 2011

Chemistry Presentation

Today I got my chemistry presentation mark back, and unfortunately it was quite low—it was a 79.5%.

To be honest I was extremely disappointed in this mark. Okay, I know that I rarely do well on presentations anyway, but in this presentation I have tried my best not to repeat any of the mistakes that I have made in past presentations. I stood straight, did not stutter, made appropriate pauses, and memorized my part (and therefore made a lot of eye contact). I really paid attention to all the things that my teachers have pointed out during my past presentations. 

Unfortunately, my chemistry teacher pointed out another problem in this presentation —I was not loud enough. She said that she almost couldn't hear me, and for this reason I got 12% off of my presentation (the other 8.5% was lost on the content of my presentation).

I really wonder how severe the problem was. I mean, even though I am not a very loud speaker, no other teacher has ever told me that my volume was too low during a presentation. And from the way that she was listening to my presentation, it didn't seem as if she was trying hard to hear my voice. Anyway, I am guessing that I just happened to be a bit quieter on that day and that the distance between me and the teacher was too large (she sat at the very back of the room).

I hope I didn't sound whiny. Yes, I do think that I could have gotten maybe 5% more on the presentation and I do think that her marking was a bit harsh. However, it's not unreasonable at all, and I really have nothing against her.

On the bright side, I am sure that this failure would be beneficial to me on the long run. I have definitely learned another thing that I should pay attention to during a presentation, and I will definitely not repeat the same mistake.