Thursday, June 2, 2011

Watching My Mouth

A person is often judged by their speech, which includes what they say and the way that they say things. For example, a person who speaks slowly may be considered calm or obtuse, and a person who swears a lot would probably be considered less educated or more casual.

I find that when I speak, I sometimes sound very vain and/or egotistic. I often talk about myself and my achievements, which may be a bit inappropriate in certain contexts. Also, I sometimes speak in a condescending voice, which I hate and can certainly imagine other people hating. I guess this merely reflects the kind of person I am— inside, I believe that I am haughty, egotistic and vain.

Even though this may be the kind of person I am, this is certainly not something that I would want others to see myself as. Honestly, if a person is described "haughty, egotistic and vain,"  wouldn't you imagine that person to be obnoxious? And naturally, I wouldn't want myself to be someone who fits that label perfectly. Therefore, I must watch out the things that I say and the way that I say things, so that I won't strike people as a snobby person.

However, this is a lot easier said than done. It can be really difficult to control your mouth, and a lot of times I find myself just blurting out whatever that comes onto my mind. Also, when one restrain oneself too much, one may be considered by others as unnatural or phony, which are both words that have negative connotations. Therefore, I really need to be diligent so that I don't sound snobby, but at the same time sound sincere.

I hope that I will succeed in achieving this enormous task. This is something that is important to me right now, and is something that I will need to do for the rest of my life.