Sunday, June 26, 2011

Account Compromised

It was about four days ago that I noticed that I couldn't access my email account— I simply couldn't log in because my password was incorrect.

At the time I didn't worry much because I was using a computer that I have never used before, and I thought that it was just a problem with the browser or the Internet files. Also, I didn't really need to check my email at the time, so I simply forgot about the matter.

Then, today I finally decided to check my email again, and for once more I saw the your-password-is-incorrect message. This time I was more startled because I was using another browser, and I have seen my mother logging into her email using the same browser.

So after making sure that the caps-lock was off and re-entering the same password for about five times, I came to the conclusion that my email account must have been compromised. It was the only logical explanation to this problem because the password was never changed by myself.

Anyway, for the next ten minutes, I was on the password-retrieval process. I was required to enter my alternate e-mail address, and it took me about six tries before I entered my actual alternate-email address because I have registered too many email accounts that I could not remember which one was chosen as my alternate email.

After that, I saw a message saying that for security reasons, I had to wait for at least 24 hours before I could go onto the next step in the password-retrieval process. Great. Now I can't do anything until tomorrow.

So, hopefully when I go onto the next step tomorrow, I will be able to successfully get my account back. I have quite a lot of valuable information and contacts in that email account, and it'd be very inconvenient if the account is lost. Also, the account name of this email is the best name I could possible get, so if I lose this account I would have to take a name that is not as great as this one.

Ahh! I don't want to lose this account!