Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nose Bleed

Urgh I hate nose bleeds! Yesterday at about three o'clock, I suddenly woke up from my wonderful sleep and found that I was having a nosebleed. Not only did this disrupt my sleep severely, it also stained my pillowcase and my bed sheet.

 Nosebleeds are annoying and unfortunately I have them a lot. I think I have had more than seven this year! If I was lucky, I had it when I was using a computer and I could just continue using it while having my left hand pressing my nose. However, most of the time I was unlucky and had it in school, and I had to rush out of my class embarrassedly to go to the washroom.

 I looked up on guides that teach you how to prevent nosebleeds. Most of them basically tell you how to keep your nose moist. I hope that if I follow these guides, I will have a significantly lower amount of nosebleeds.