Friday, May 27, 2011

Careers ISP

What career do you want to choose?

For my careers ISP I have to conduct research on a certain occupation and do a presentation about the occupation. Surprisingly, even though there are still many stupid components within the project (for example, you have to talk about all the other stuff that you have learned in the course, as if you have actually learned something in it), I actually don't think that this project is a bad one. It allows you to understand an occupation better, and perhaps let you have a better idea of who you may want to be in the future.

I am still not sure about the occupation that I am going to choose. On one hand, I want to choose occupations that I find interesting, such as mathematician, economist and accountant. On the other hand, there are certain requirements in the project that may make it harder to write reports on these occupations. For example, you have to talk about volunteer works that are related to the occupations, and I simply can't think of any that's related to being an economist.

I have also considered doing occupations like dancer, actor and singer, which people would instantly recognize as a joke (since I am usually considered to be the nerdy type). I would have fun doing these occupations when making up all the things that are far from being the the truth, such as me liking to be on the stage and me being sociable. However, I have firmly decided not to do so because that'd be quite disrespectful to the course and to the teacher. As much as I hate the course, I have nothing against the teacher and I do not want him to think badly of me (if he doesn't already).

So in short, I still don't know what occupation I am choosing yet. I will probably choose a occupation that is reasonably easy to do and at the same time that I have at least a bit interest in.

This project is quite long (all career assignments are, let alone the ISP), and it's due very soon. I should get started now!

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