Tuesday, May 3, 2011

After Two Years

Once in middle school I had to do a debate about whether smoking should be banned. I was lucky to be on the side that supported the banning of smoking, because I could simply search up all the bad things that smoking caused.

These disadvantages included health issues, personal financial issues, and environmental issues. For the environmental issues, I simply typed "smoking environment" into Google and clicked on the queries.  Eventually I found some sites that were very organized and informational, and I wrote my arguments based on these pieces of information that I found.

Two years later, I am in grade ten, and I am doing a project about cancer drug resistance. I have found that smoking may contribute to drug resistance, and that reducing the amount of smoking may result in lower possibilities of having drug-resistant cancer cells.

Since part of the project requirement was to relate our topics to the society, technology, environment, and economy, I have decided to talk about the effects on environment if smoking were to be banned. Again, I typed "smoking environment" in the Google search box and hit "go."

As usual, I went through the queries one by one, and suddenly, I saw a familiar webpage... it was the same website that I had visited in grade eight!

This is so cool, to go onto the same website after two years by coincidence! This unique experience had definitely made my day. Also, I need thank this website for helping me twice in school. : D

And in case you're wondering, this is the website:
Tobacco Free Youth- Smoking and the Environment