Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogger: How to Change Line Spacing

How do you change the line spacing of all your blog posts? Well, follow these simple steps:

1) Go to Dashbord → Design → Edit HTML

2) Search for .post-body and you should find something that looks like this:

Your code doesn't have to look exactly the same as the above example. You can change the spacing as long as you can find line-height in the brackets.

3) Next, simply alter the value after line-height. Usually blogs have 1.5 or 1.6 spacing, but of course you can change it to whatever you want. :)

4) Save the template, and all your posts should have their spacings changed. Hope this works!

Special Notes:
- This basically changes the default setting of the posts. So all of your current and future posts will be affected by this change

- However, there are exceptions. If you have altered the HTML codes of specific posts to change the line spacing, those posts will not be affected by this change, and you would have to change the HTML codes of those posts individually.

- This method of changing the line spacing is much easier than using custom CSS. Custom CSS can mess up your line breaks and it also doesn't change your posts immediately. So don't use custom CSS unless you are changing other more complicated things


  1. Thank you. It's useful. Does it affect the page also?

  2. Let’s try this! Thanks for the tips

    1. Anyway, do you have the code for space after paragraph?

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  4. You could also try to replace "margin-bottom: 0cm" or "margin-bottom: 0in" with "margin: 0px" - this would remove extra space between lines.