Saturday, May 14, 2011

Google Code Jam

         Code Jam

Official Website:

Google Code Jam is an online programming competition that starts in May and ends in July. It's completely free, and it's very convenient because you can participate in this competition at home (unless you get into the finals).

I originally wanted to do this competition to see how goodor rather, badI am at at programming and also to improve my programming skills. Its problems in the earlier rounds are considerably harder than the ones in school competitions, yet many of them are doable for me if I spend enough time on them. This year I my goal was to get through the qualification round.

Unfortunately, because of all the school work I had, I totally forgot to sign up for the competition! I just found out that its signup ended last Saturday, meaning that I will be unable to participate in this event this year. :(

I will, however, look at all the problems once I have more time at hand. That shall still give me the practice that I need.