Sunday, May 15, 2011


Due to privacy concerns, I have encrypted some of my posts, mainly the ones that reveal personal information. This is something that I really don't want to do (because it makes the blog look ugly), but I am afraid that if I don't do so my classmates are going to recognize me if they happen to be on this blog.

I wonder why Blogger doesn't even have the basic feature of setting the privacies of certain posts. For example, if a post contains personal information, that feature will allow me to lock/protect it so that only people who know the password can read it. I know that many other blog providers, such as WordPress, have this feature, and I simply don't understand why Blogger hasn't kept up with those blog providers yet.

Well, for the time being, encrypting some of the posts may be the best option for me. So if anyone happens to be  a regular visitor of this blog (which I doubt), I will say sorry in advance for the messiness that you're going to see.