Thursday, September 1, 2011

Looking Back at Grade 10 Mathematics

I have always been good at math, and it has always been my favourite subject because it has few assignments and a lot of quizzes and tests that I can easily do good on. Also, math has always been my strongest subject, and it has almost always been the subject that I got the highest mark in (the time that I didn't, it was the teacher's fault...).

This year, however, was different. There were a lot of assignments from the class, most of them stupid and meaningless (see Stupid Assignments and What's the Point?), and it was very painful for me to finish them. Also, this year, the tests were not easy any more. Not because the material got harder, but because the teacher added so many extra things to the standard tests, making the tests a lot more time-consuming to finish (see relevance). I also became confused about the extent to which I should show my work (see Obvious? It's Subjective).

As you can see from the number of posts that I have made because of math class, I was very... stressed out about it. And as a result, I didn't like the subject as much as I used to. I still liked the actual classes (for there was one girl who was very funny), but thinking about "math" began to be less pleasant than before.

Interestingly, despite all this, math still ended up being my best subject. In fact, this math mark was the highest that I have ever gotten! Personally, I think I should have gotten 1-3 percent lower, for the teacher lowered the   denominator for many tests, but who cares...

As for the things that I have learned from the class...there was really only one new thing— trigonometric functions. All the other things, such as quadratic equations, I have learned before, and they were merely review for me (even though I did get better at them).

I hope grade 11 math will go well.

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