Thursday, September 8, 2011


In the post from yesterday, I mentioned that today I was going to go to the guidance office to change my timetable a bit, and today I did indeed do so.

What exactly I wanted to change I will not describe in detail— for they're extremely complicated, and are full of reasons that would only make sense to myself— and I'll just tell you the main idea: I basically wanted to take one of my current courses online (instead of taking it during regular day school), and then replace that spot with a brand new course.

I was originally concerned about not being able to take a new course that I liked, for the courses that I liked may not fit into my schedule. It turned out, however, that I needn't have had such a concern, for there were actually quite a few courses for me to choose from.

But, there was another problem— I couldn't take the online course that I wanted to take! The guidance counsellor said that you could only take a course online if it wasn't offered at your school, or if all the classes of the course were filled up. And, since my school did offer the course, I wasn't allow to take it online.

The guidance counsellor must have been mistaken, because the explanation that he gave me was utterly unreasonable and stupid. Yes, I understand that online courses may have a vacancy problem, and that the administrators may want to let the people who really need them to be able to take them. However, many online courses (including the one that I wanted to take) are so important that they must be offered in every single school in the school board! And if that's the case, why would these courses even be offered online?

Online courses are offered to make students be able to take courses that they normally wouldn't be able to take. At the same time, they are also offered to make students' schedules more flexible. I see no where on the website that states that the courses are offered exclusively to certain students, and I don't believe the guidance counsellor.