Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yesterday in English class my teacher assigned us a paragraph to write. The instructions were as follows:
Write a well organized 200 word paragraph describing your opinion of whether or not you think the government has made getting a high school diploma too easy. Refer to what you know about late policies, credit recovery courses, the literacy test, summer school, and private school credits. 
She made this paragraph due the next day, so I spent literally the whole afternoon and evening working on the paragraph (yes, I think and write very slow). And, at ten o'clock, I finally finished it.

However, just as I was happily checking over my writing and the instructions, I noticed that I did the whole paragraph wrong: I did not make any references to the things that I was supposed to refer to!

So at ten o'clock, I had to start my whole paragraph over. And unfortunately, it wasn't until after midnight that I was able to produce my second and rushed paragraph.

This was very ironic, because in my first paragraph, I criticized that many students were bad at follow instructions...