Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Internet is a Playground by David Thorne

Well, what should I say about this book? It's basically a compilation of the articles and emails published on, and if you want to take a glimpse at the content, simply read one of the emails.

Personally, I liked reading the emails, for it was very interesting to see what people's replies to David Thorne's nonsense were. However, I skipped most of the other parts, for I found them to be extremely fake and boring. For example, in the parts where his friends described how they interacted with him, I simply had the impression that they were trying very hard to make their descriptions funny. Those parts were horrible.

There were also other things that I didn't like that much, such as the constant swearing used in the emails, which made the responses sound a bit fake.

But those parts could simply be neglected, for it wouldn't matter if you didn't read them (there is no storyline at all). And this is what I liked about this book: the fact that I could choose to read only the sections that I liked, and skip whatever I disliked.

Overall, this was a very easy book to read, for I did not need to spend any energy on remembering the plot or characters (there was no plot, and the characters were unimportant). This made my reading experience very relaxed, and I think it gave me a break from all the novels that I was reading. Also, I did get some good laugh from it, and I was glad that it made my bedtime reading so pleasant and entertaining.