Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today in math class my math teacher announced that we would have a math test on next Friday, and this meant that like last week, I will have three tests on the same day (along with chemistry and physics tests).

Obviously, having three tests on the same day is not particularly pleasant. Not only do you have to organize your time better and make sure that you allocate some time to study for each of the tests, you also have to make sure that you eat more and sleep better, for your brain will use up more energy on that day.

Anyway, since having three tests on the same day is both rare and unpleasant, I told the friend who sat beside me about it. I remember my specific wording was "I will have three tests on the same day again!"

Then, as if I were talking to him, the annoying classmate who sat in front of me said, "learn to live with it, K.! It's high school!"

If I were asking the teacher to move the test date, then his rude remark would have been justified. However, I wasn't: I was merely telling my friend about my situation, in a fairly normal tone! And is there anything wrong with stating the fact that you'll have three tests on the same day? Isn't that the same as talking about your upcoming assignments and activities? So why did he find it necessary to make such a rude and unpleasant remark? Can't he survive without saying these unnecessary and obnoxious things?

Also, it's worth mentioning that this annoying classmate was the same as the one that I described in What's the Problem?