Friday, August 31, 2012

Overheating Issue

Ever since I came back to Toronto from Vancouver, my computer has had a worsening overheating problem. It would suddenly shut down when I browse the internet, when I let it sit idle while a browser is open, and even when I let it sleep during safe mode!! I mean, doesn't safe mode use a lot less processing than normal mode? And for the computer to overheat while one safe mode and asleep? The problem was clearly not negligible.

I'm not sure if this problem was solely caused by the computer's hardware problems or if it was partly caused by the general increase in temperature during August. But in any case, it was seriously damaging my experience as a laptop user: I couldn't even use it for five minutes without worrying that it might overheat.

So two days ago, I sent it for repair. I had bought a warranty when I purchased the computer, so I didn't have to pay a penny for this repair. However, when I asked the person how long it would take, he replied, "it's only an overheating issue, so you may be able to get it back within two weeks!"

I almost couldn't hide my surprise... two weeks was a waiting period that I should be happy about?

Anyway, until the computer is back, it's obviously going to be a lot more difficult for me to use a computer, especially because my family have only one other computer at home. So for the following two weeks or more, I will really need to reduce my reliance on the Internet... hopefully I won't be needing it a lot for school...