Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympics— It Doesn't Have to be All Canadian

Today when I was flipping through the channels, I saw CTV broadcasting the elimination race of men's omnium, in which every two laps, the slowest person would be eliminated. It was actually very interesting to watch because it was a very close race and each cyclist was constantly trying to pass each other.

However, just as I was enjoying watching the tight race, the one and only Canadian got eliminated. The camera then zoomed over to the faces of the disappointed friends and families, and then there was a sudden commercial break. Yes, a commercial break when the race was going to finish in a few minutes!

Of course, when the commercial break was over, the race was already over. However, I didn't get to see the results of the race, because the station was now re-capping Rosie Maclennan's gold medal win.

This was simply ridiculous— how could CTV suddenly stop broadcasting a race just because the Canadian got eliminated? It's understandable that they wanted to "showcase" as many Canadian athletes as possible, but cutting through the coverage like that was just unacceptable! I mean, it's not as if people would only watch the race if the Canadian was still in it; they would still want to finish watching it! Plus, the coverage of Rosie Mclennan's gold medal win was only a re-cap— it wasn't urgent at all.

Really, Canadians do not watch the Olympics just for Canadian athletes. It's okay to broadcast other events too!