Saturday, June 16, 2012

Common Digestive Diseases

Colon Polyps 
Description/ Symptoms: fleshy growth on the colon. Could cause rectum bleeding and could turn cancerous
Causes: genetic mutations of colon cells
Treatments: Surgeries

Description/ Symptoms: inflammation of the gums
Causes: bad oral hygiene, bacteria
Treatments: Better oral hygiene

Description/ Symptoms: not enough insulin; blood sugar too high
Causes: genetic factors, obesity
Treatments: injection of insulin

Description/ Symptoms: cardiac sphincter doesn't close completely, causing stomach acid to flow into the esophagus. This causes severe chess pain
Causes: anatomical abnormality
Treatments: treat underlying causes

Description/ Symptoms: When there is an erosion of stomach lining. Causes abdominal pain.
Causes: Bacteria (helicobacter pylori)
Treatments: antibiotics

Description/ Symptoms: crystallization of bile. If they block the bile duct, they can cause intense abdominal pain.
Causes: diet, obesity, genetics
Treatments: surgery.

Description/ Symptoms: Inflammation and swelling of little pouches on the colon lining. It can cause bleeding and pain
Causes: lack of exercise, genetics, low fibre diet
Treatments: high fibre diets,

Description/ Symptoms: inflammation of the liver. It can cause jaundice and tiredness.
Causes: virus, alcohol
Treatments: less alcohol

Cirrhosis of the liver
Description/ Symptoms: chronic scarring of the liver
Causeshepatitis, alcohol
Treatments:  liver transplant