Saturday, February 18, 2012

Looking Back at Grade 12 Chemistry

When I took grade 11 chemistry in grade 10, I got a high mark with a relatively small amount of effort. As a result, I grew a bit overconfident and thought that, hey, grade 12 chemistry would probably be just as easy as the grade 11 course!

Unfortunately, I was wrong. Grade 12 chemistry was — though not by a lot— more difficult than grade 11 chemistry. We received labs which we had to hand in on the day of the experiments, there were more theory-based questions on tests (as opposed to calculation-based questions), and the teacher just seemed to mark harder. For example, for the communication questions on the tests, I would lose 0.5 to 1 mark no matter how much detail I tried to provide.

Anyway, I didn't really study hard until after the second test, when I realized that my mark for the course was a meager 93. But even after that, I didn't work that hard; I rarely did any of my daily homework, since I thought the questions were all very similar anyway. And in retrospect, this lack of practice was probably what caused me to make so many careless mistakes on the tests.

Then, as I was struggling to complete all my English essays, projects, and presentations, my chances to raise my chemistry mark slipped by unnoticed; each time I would only get a 95 on a test, failing to raise my mark by a significant amount. Soon after, the end of term approached, and my mark stood at 94.7.

I got a  96% on my exam, which wasn't high enough to raise my final mark to a 96%.

Overall, I think I definitely could have done better in the course, if only I have spent more time studying and preparing for tests. Also, if the teacher didn't take off those extra one mark or two during every test for the communication questions, I think I my final mark would probably have been one percent higher. :/

Course Material

Memorable Moments:
  • When I could barely finish the lab that was due on the day that we did our experiments. I got an 80% on it
  • My ISP, which was a one-person (I couldn't find any partner) presentation on how fluoxetine treats psychiatric disorders. I spend a long time preparing and presenting in front of my parents, and really learned to slow down the pace at which I talk. I got a 96% on it.
  • Watching funny videos (such as this one)