Monday, March 14, 2011

A Terrible Mistake

A few weeks ago, when I started to study vocabularies as a regular exercise,  I made a computer program to help me memorize these words.

This program reads a list of words from a text file, then randomly rearranges this list and tests me on it. There are several different modes and parameters that I can set it to. For example, in the screenshot below, the program is set to spelling mode, in which it displays the definitions of words and I would have to be able to recognize and spell the words.

Anyway, today I was altering the program so that it can display my scores using a line graph, and during this process I made a logic error. A logic error is an error that does not make a program crash, but makes the program run in an undesirable way. And guess what was the logic error that I made? I made the program delete the whole word list! My 420 words along with their definitions and scores, all gone. 

Luckily I have also written these words down on paper. However, having to retype all these words is still a tedious job, especially when I have to search up their definitions again because the definitions written on paper were sort of simplified.

I think I only decided to talk about this event here because I was very depressed, and in a way writing about it was sort of like a catharsis which helped me feel better. Thank you Blog, for letting me get rid of unhappy feelings.