Saturday, August 31, 2013

A New Beginning

Tomorrow morning I will be moving into residence, which will be my first step into the unknown world of university life. To be honest, though, I don't really look forward to it. Not only am I afraid of meeting a bunch of new people– which has always been a concern– I am also unsure if I can handle all the schoolwork (especially because my program has a lot of group work, which kind of requires getting to know other people well). Moreover, during the last four years I have been relatively happy, which gives me no particular reason to desire a different kind of life. Still, I have to try my best to enjoy the next three or four years, so here I am giving myself a few reminders:

1. Be social. Don't avoid social events like the plague. Even if one particular event or club meeting doesn't turn out well, there will always be valuable memories from it, and that's how you can become more sociable and have more stories to tell. For example, even though you dread the church meetings and events, you have gained unique experiences from them. Thus, even if you are afraid of going to a social event or club meeting, force yourself to be there.

2. Be active. That means staying away from the computer as much as possible, and try to have more physical activities. If going to the gym or pool embarrasses you, then at least do some exercises in your room.

2. Be studious. While it is important to try to "have fun" in university, an university is ultimately a place for studying. Thus, be sure to allot enough time to your studies so that you can do well in them.

4. Be organized. You have the habit of leaving things at random places and trying to keep everything in your head. The consequences, while generally harmless, can cause a huge difference in your academic performance or cost you a lot of money.