Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When Memory Fails

I'm not sure if I've always had such problems with my memory, but ever since grade 9 or 10, I have had trouble remembering things.

Of course, it's nothing as severe as not remembering my name or address (actually, it took me a while to remember my new address when I moved...), but it's significant enough to be noticeable. For example, when seeing the titles of books that I have read just a year ago, I would sometimes be unable to recall anything about it and would have to search up the plot summary to evoke any memory of it.

Another thing is the inability to remember people's responses to my questions. For example, I once asked my economics teacher about an economics concept, and forgot what she said within 20 seconds after she answered me.

And just recently, I noticed that I would sometimes have difficulties remembering certain dates and times. Every night at my summer camp, Shad Valley, I would be told the meeting place and time of the next day.  However, on many days, I would be unable to recall these pieces of information.

For short term memory problems, such as the last two examples, I simply have to pay more attention and to concentrate better. Or I can try repeating the information in my head so that it sticks just a bit longer.

As for the long term memory problems, I am glad that I have created this blog about 1.5 years ago. The short summaries/reflections that I wrote for each novel that I've read had allowed me to refresh my memory of those novels. My posts about school have also allowed me to see what I have learned, what assignments I have completed, and what kind of thoughts I have had. It's kind of surprising that having a blog can help me so much!

Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule in recent times, I have not written many posts that contained my thoughts. I hope this can change soon, though. I am sure that one day I will barely be able remember anything that happened when I was a teenager. And when that happens— when my memory fails— I hope I will be able to recover the lost pieces of my life from this blog.